Intoprint Technologies

Intoprint Technologies

  • Site Launched: Jan 1, 2008
  • Site Design: Advanced
  • Customized database back-end for detailed product management with admin interface
  • Integrated photo gallery with admin interface

Intoprint was looking for a web site that could provide an overview of their company along with details about their product lines. In particular, they wanted to be able keep the information about their products up to date, categorize their products and provide detailed information and pictures for each product.


Roman General Contracting

Roman General Contracting

  • Site Launched: August 2007
  • Site Design: Basic
  • Integrated photo gallery with admin interface

Roman General Contracting was looking for a simple website layout to showcase a picture gallery of their remodeling work. They also wanted a comprehensive design that would flow easily and navigate simply.


Delna Dastur

Delna Dastur

  • Site Launched: April 2007
  • Site Design: Intermediate
  • Integrated photo gallery with admin interface

This website was designed to be a muted framework for the real content: Delna's art. It brings together static content, interspersed with art throughout and provides visitors with access to her art gallery. She is also able to update her art gallery as she creates new works.


Reading Reads

Reading Reads

  • Sites Launched: Sep 2006, Sep 2007
  • Site Design: Intermdiate
  • Interactive event calendar (2006)

This website is the online focal point for the annual greater Reading literary festival. We built this site for the innagural event in 2006, updated it 2007, and expect to be updating it again for 2008's festival.


Boutique Ollie Girl

Boutique Ollie Girl

  • Site Launched: March 2007
  • Site Design: Intermediate
  • Customized database back-end for detailed product maangement with admin interface
  • Integrated photo gallery with admin interface
  • Basic e-Bay integration (through RSS feed)

This site was built for a custom children's clothing designer in California. Here she can add new lines of clothing, include descriptions, availability, pictures, and so on. The site also dyamically connects to e-Bay and displays any open auctions on the "Get It!" page.


M.K.S. Conbrio

M.K.S. Conbrio

  • Site Launched: August 2003
  • Site Design: Site Sweep/Redesign
  • Regular updates/support provided

This site was originally designed by another company. We worked with the customer to transfer her content and rebuild the site from the ground up using more up-to-date technology and standards compliant code.


Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association

Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association

  • Site Launched: August 2003
  • Site Design: Site Sweep/Redesign
  • Customized database back-end for teacher listing with admin interface
  • Regular updates/support provided

This site was originally designed by another company. We worked with NVMTA to transfer their content and rebuild the site from the ground up using more up-to-date technology and standards compliant code. Since then we have added a framework for them to manage a teacher listing online.


Consultants International Group

Consultants International Group

  • Site Launched: November 2002
  • Site Design: Basic

CIG-DC needed a very basic website that would provide prospective customers static information about their company. As they've refined their services and adjusted their personnel, we've provided ongoing support.



We've worked with clients in a variety of contexts:

  • Web site maintenance
  • Managed hosting
  • Tier 2+ support
  • Remote assistance
  • Infrastructure mgmt
  • Custom firewalls
  • Traffic shaping
  • and so on...


In addition to web design and hosting, SpinThread offers a line of professional services tailored to your technical and business needs. These service agreements range from basic web site maintenance agreements to remote support of your workstation and server infrastructure. We also engage in a variety of consulting engagements for system troubleshooting and custom UNIX-based server building and security hardening.

Whatever your business, SpinThread can help support your IT infrastructure. For more information about the support we can provide, please contact us.



We offer the following with ALL our hosting plans:

  • No setup fees
  • 99.9% uptime
  • UserCenter
  • Site statistics
  • Data backup
  • FTP account
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Webmail access
  • Virus/spam protection


SpinThread offers 10% off web hosting to non-profit organizations and educational institutions. We also offer 15% discounts to entrepreneurs setting up a site for a new business for the first two years.

Web Hosting

Our server infrastructure is located in a co-location facility in Fairfax, Virginia. We reside on a high performance fiber connection that offers high reliability and exceptional bandwidth. Upload and management on our servers is performed via FTP. Our web design customers are encouraged to host on our servers as we are able to upload and manage your content most effectively.

If you do not yet have a domain name we can register and maintain one for you for only $10/year. We offer a simple three Tier pricing model for web hosting.

Hosting Tiers

 Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Web Space:200 MB600 MB2 GB
Mail Space:1 GB5 GB15 GB
Mail Accounts:51550
Mail Forwards:50100unlimited
Base Cost:$10/mo$20/mo$30/mo



The following key phrases illustrate our design philosophy:

  • know the audience
  • personalized service
  • ample dialogue
  • ensure satisfaction
  • content is king
  • clean layout
  • easy to navigate
  • dynamic content
  • standards compliant

SpinThread is a great resource for our non-profit organization of professional music teachers. They are very knowledgeable, but also very patient with less-savvy people. We have found them to be prompt and efficient in all our dealings over the last 5 years.


- Martha K. Smith,

Web Design

If you're looking for a web design company that believes web sites should be easy to navigate and that content is more important than flashy graphical accoutrements, then you've come to the right place. At SpinThread, we specialize in web sites where minimal graphics accent the page providing a clean layout, obvious navigation, and emphasize the importance of the content – not the presentation.

If your organization is looking for a solution that enables to you to help maintain the content of your web site, then we can help. We develop custom back-end solutions to house your product inventory, personnel information, image library, or other collection of data and build easy-to-use administrative web tools to help you keep this information up to date. Where appropriate, we also employ existing available solutions and integrate them into your web site.

Our basic web sites start at only $300. To learn more, please explore our portfolio or contact us!


We develop web sites that comply with existing Internet standards (XHTML 1.1, CSS) and verify compliance against the W3C validators. We test against Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Other browsers will be tested by request. We leverage PostgreSQL as our database platform and power our dynamic content with PHP.